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War Between the States


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Autograph, Colonel & General Thomas T. Munford

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Autograph, Colonel & General Thomas T. Munford (Image1)
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1864 Endorsement Signed as Colonel Commanding

Document Regarding the 2nd Virginia Cavalry

(1831-1918) Born in Richmond, Va., his father Colonel George W. Munford, was Secretary of the Commonwealth for many years, and his mother, Lucy S. Taylor, was a relative of President Benjamin Harrison. Thomas T. Munford graduated from V.M.I. in 1852. On May 8, 1861, he was commissioned lieutenant colonel of the 30th Virginia Mounted Infantry, later reorganized as the 2nd Virginia Cavalry. Munford's career as a cavalry officer was brilliant, literally spanning the war from Manassas to Appomattox. He was promoted to colonel, April 25, 1862, and led a cavalry brigade attached to General Richard S. Ewell's division in Stonewall Jackson's 1862 Shenandoah Valley campaign, eventually succeeding to the command of all of Jackson's cavalry. He suffered two saber wounds during the 2nd battle of Manassas, and a musket wound at Turkey Ridge. Munford's gallantry at the battle of Aldie was conspicuous. He also fought at Sharpsburg, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, and many other fields of honor eventually being given command of General Fitz Lee's old cavalry division which he led until the end of the war. At Appomattox, Munford's troopers refused to surrender. They were able to side step the Yankee trap before it closed on the Confederate army, and made their way to Lynchburg where the division was disbanded. Munford is considered to be a Confederate general by many sources including Confederate Military History, Confederate Veteran, Heitman, and in the Official Records of 1865 where he is often times mentioned as general. His promotion to brigadier general was recommended by General Robert E. Lee himself, on March 23, 1865, to date from November 1864, however, no official confirmation of the appointment by President Jefferson Davis has been found this probably due to the fact that General Lee initiated this recommendation only 2 weeks before the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia surrendered at Appomattox when the army was in chaos and facing destruction by General Ulysses S. Grant's Army who were closing in on them. Davis and some members of his cabinet and staff would flee Richmond shortly after this document was written.

2 pages, 6 x 8, in ink, war date document, regarding a condemned horse of Private Robert Meade, Co. A, 2nd Virginia Cavalry. States in part that Private Mead is detailed to go home to Bedford County, Va. for that purpose and he will return to his Regiment at the expiration of Twelve days. Signed by R.C. Wilson, 1st Lt. Comdg. Co. A, 2nd Va. Cav. Further states that the undersigned, a board appointed to condemn horses have examined Pvt. Mead's horse and find him unserviceable. Signed below in pencil by W.F. Graves, Capt. Co. F.

The reverse side of the document bears an endorsement signed in ink by Colonel Munford as follows: Hd. Qrs. Wickham's Brig., Sept. 31st, 1864. Appr. for ten days & respy. forwarded, Thomas T. Munford, Col. Commdg. There is another endorsement below Colonel Munford dated Oct. 2nd, 1864, and signed by a Lieutenant Hatcher, Comdg. Squad. [I was not able to positively identify this particular Lieutenant Hatcher as there were 13 Hatcher's who served in the 2nd Virginia Cavalry during the war. Since the document refers to Private Robert Mead, a member of Company A, I did find 7 of the 13 Hatcher's on the roster who served with Co. A of the 2nd Virginia Cavalry, but only one who ever achieved the rank of lieutenant, Abner U. Hatcher. He was wounded on May 15, 1864, and again on June 30, 1864. He died from his wounds on October 15, 1864. Not sure if this is that same Lieutenant Hatcher that signed the document].

Robert C. Wilson, was a 23 year old tobacconist when he enlisted on May 11, 1861, at Liberty, Va., as a 2nd lieutenant; and was promoted to 1st lieutenant, April 25, 1862. He was wounded on August 23, 1862, at Bristoe Station, Va.; was wounded again on August 30, 1862, at 2nd Manassas, Va.; wounded a 3rd time on May 15, 1864, the exact place is not stated; he was wounded and captured on April 6, 1865, at High Bridge, Va.

William Fountain Graves, was a 28 year old farmer, when he enlisted on May 28, 1861, at Davis Mills, Va., as a 1st sergeant. He was promoted to 2nd lieutenant, August 1, 1861; captain, September 17, 1861; captain April 24, 1862 (re-elected); major, December 7, 1864; lieutenant colonel, April 1, 1865. He was wounded at Spotsylvania, Va., on May 7, 1864; was wounded a second time at Nance's Shop, Va., June 24, 1864; he commanded the regiment on August 31, 1864. He surrendered with the Army of Northern Virginia, at Appomattox Court House, Va., on April 9, 1864.

Private Robert Mead, Co. A, 2nd Virginia Cavalry, enlisted on February 3, 1864, at Liberty, Va. He was hospitalized with illness in May and June of 1864 spending time in Confederate hospitals at Richmond, Farmville and Liberty, Va. He was back on active duty on the muster rolls dated August 31, 1864, and was armed with a Sharps carbine. His date and method of discharge are unknown.

The document shows some scattered staining which causes the loss of some words. It also has some fold damage and two pieces of tape repair on it.

* Please note that Colonel/General Thomas T. Munford is considered very desirable and scarce in Confederate war date signatures. His signature alone, with rank only, usually sells for $325 to $350. This item we offer is an endorsement signed with the date, and it also includes signatures of other prominent Confederate officers who were wounded during the war, and although there are some condition flaws with the document, the endorsement itself is not affected, and you do get a complete document regarding the hard fighting 2nd Virginia Cavalry! Others may have cut out the endorsement and sold it alone with a $350 price tag on it. Here you get the complete document.

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War Between the States
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