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War Between the States


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Fort Morgan, Alabama, Confederate Battle Flag Display

Fort Morgan, Alabama, Confederate Battle Flag Display (Image1)
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Your Price: $ 295.00
Item Number: Mem7701
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Authentic, original piece of the Confederate battle flag that flew over Fort Morgan, Alabama, when it was captured by Admiral David G. Farragut in 1864. Handsomely displayed within cream and red, double mat board design. Includes a copy vignette of the naval battle of Mobile Bay, in the upper window opening, while the original Confederate battle flag remnant is prominently shown at the center of the display. The following descriptive text highlights the display at the bottom: Confederate Battle Flag of Fort Morgan, Battle of Mobile Bay. The Battle of Mobile Bay was a naval battle fought on August 5, 1864. Commanding the Union forces was Admiral David Farragut, while Admiral Franklin Buchanan led the Confederate fleet. The battle took place off the coast of Alabama, at the mouth of Mobile Bay, which was defended by two Confederate forts, Fort Morgan and Fort Gaines, and by a torpedo field (in modern terms, a minefield) that created a single narrow channel for blockade runners to enter and exit the bay. The biggest challenge for Farragut was entering the bay. With eighteen vessels, he commanded far greater firepower than the Confederate fleet of four. The Union fleet suffered the first major loss when the U.S.S. Tecumseh was critically damaged by an exploding torpedo after it wandered into the field. Within three minutes, the vessel was completely submerged. 94 men went down with the ship. Under fire from both the Confederate fleet and Fort Morgan, Farragut had to choose between retreating or risking the minefield. He then issued his famous order, "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" Farragut took his flagship through the minefield safely, followed by the rest of the fleet. When Union fleet reached the bay, they defeated the Confederate flotilla led by the giant ironclad, C.S.S. Tennessee. Buchanan surrendered to Farragut aboard the U.S.S. Hartford. After several weeks of bombardment from land and sea resulting in severe damage to Fort Morgan with the citadel being burned and the walls severely damaged by shot and shells, the Confederate Commander, General Page surrendered Fort Morgan on August 23, 1864 to Federal forces. This flag relic came from a small section of the Confederate flag shot down over Fort Morgan and retrieved by Fleet Surgeon James C. Palmer upon entry into the fort by Union forces and is authenticated by his note (a copy of which is) seen on the accompanying certificate. Included with the display is certificate of authenticity which incorporates a computer copy of Surgeon Palmer's original note which was pinned to the original flag relic. Overall size of the display is 11 x 14. Rare and very desirable Confederate flag relic from this famous fort! Please note that our scan is cropped because the display is larger than our scanner. The original display has nice full borders.

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We also accept Checks and Money Orders.

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War Between the States
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