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War Between the States


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Autograph, John J. Crittenden

Autograph, John J. Crittenden (Image1)
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U.S. Senator from Kentucky

Governor of Kentucky

U.S. Attorney General

Very important War Date Autograph Letter Signed, to Kentucky Governor Beriah Magoffin, regarding violations of Kentucky laws and the rights of Kentucky citizens by the Union Army!

(1786-1863) Born near Versailles, Ky. Graduated from William and Mary College in 1806, studied law, was admitted to the bar and commenced practice in Woodford County, Ky. Fought in the War of 1812. Was a member of the Kentucky State House, 1811-17. Served as United States Senator, 1817-19; 1835-41; 1842-48; and 1855-61. Was Governor of Kentucky, 1848-50. Served as United States Attorney General, in the President Millard Fillmore administration, 1850-53. The Crittenden Compromise of 1860, which proposed the extension of the Missouri Compromise line to the Pacific Ocean, was unacceptable to both the north and the south. The Civil War literally split the Crittenden family apart as one of his sons, George, was a general in the Confederate army, while the other, Thomas, was a Union general. The elder Crittenden was opposed to secession, supported Abraham Lincoln and worked hard to keep Kentucky in the Union.

War Date Autograph Letter Signed: 7 3/4 x 10, in ink.

Washington, June 10, 1862

Hon. B. Magoffin
Govnr. of Ken'ty

In my last I informed you that agreeably to your request, I had laid before the Secretary of War, your communications to me complaining of certain acts of the military as violations of the laws & authorities of the State of Kentucky & of the rights of its citizens.

To these communications I received last evening from the Secretary of War the reply which I herewith enclose to you. It contains all that I have heard from him on the subject.

I remain,
Very Respectfully,
Yrs. &c,
J.J. Crittenden

Very important war date letter written by Crittenden, to the Governor of Kentucky, Beriah Magoffin, acknowledging receipt of his complaints against the U.S. military, and that he has presented them to Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton. Magoffin declared Kentucky a neutral state during the Civil War, and he had been vehemently complaining to the Lincoln government about violations by Federal troops against the laws and authorities of the State of Kentucky as well as violating the rights of its citizens!

Beriah Magoffin: (1815-85) Born in Harrodsburg, Ky., he graduated from Center College, Danville, Ky., and the law department of Transylvania University. He was elected to the Kentucky Senate in 1850, and was a presidential elector in 1844, 1848, 1852, and 1856. He was a delegate to the Democratic National Conventions of 1848, 1856, and 1860. In 1859, he was elected as Governor of Kentucky, to serve four years. In his governor's message of February 1861, he recommended a convention of all the border states. When President Lincoln called for 75,000 troops in April 1861, Magoffin replied that Kentucky would furnish no troops for the wicked purpose of subduing her sister southern states. In May he issued a proclamation forbidding either the United States or the Confederate government to undertake any movement of troops or occupy any post on Kentucky soil, and warned the citizens of his state against taking part in the hostilities. In August, he sent letters to Presidents Lincoln and Davis declaring the neutrality of Kentucky, and requesting Lincoln to withdraw Federal troops from the state. When General Leonidas Polk occupied Columbus, the legislature passed a resolution directing the governor to demand by proclamation the evacuation of Kentucky soil by the Confederate forces. After the war he served in the Kentucky House of Representatives.

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We also accept Checks and Money Orders.

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War Between the States
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